Charlotte Wang


Charlotte Wang is on a mission to partner with the world’s most audacious founders taking on the most challenging problems. She is an operator at heart with a passion for partnerships and takes information security very seriously. She is particularly interested in breakthrough approaches in health, home, and access that can positively transform lives while ensuring privacy and confidentiality remain uncompromised.

As the Chief Information Officer, Charlotte believes humanity-focused venture investing is about more than just capital, approaching company building with support and empathy for founders and a lens towards the ethical, technological and security implications of technologies. Since joining in late 2019, she has led CapWealth Holding’s investment in information and data security, and leverages computational design to create and enhance big data while ensuring strategic technology are kept within the walls of the firm. She started her career in Google, where she supported a portfolio of more than 150 companies to achieve sustainable business development and growth opportunities with Google Ventures.

Charlotte serves on the boards of several non-profit organisations including Arrowhead, Medium Overdrive, and TechinEas. Financially independent since the age of 18, she funded her undergraduate and graduate degrees through a variety of scholarships, including co-founding her first online security company while still in college. Charlotte earned a joint BA in Business Administration from the University of Washington, and an MBA from the University of Idaho.